Tattoos are fantastic. They are available in many designs such as butterflies, tigers, dragons, unicorns, hearts and symbols.
As I stick the colourful glitter on, the tattoo comes to life little by little. It's a unique design. A glitter tattoo is a perfect addition to any occasion, weddings, birthdays and evening parties. It's a discreet beauty accessory, stunning and seductive.
When the temporary tattoo is finished, it's a wonderful moment for old and young alike.
The tattoos are created with stencils, which are then stuck to the body using the original Y-Body glue.

  • The stencils are made of thick vinyl, adhesive. They are strong and easy to use even if the design is very detailed and delicate. They can only be used once to ensure a fast, careful and hygienic application.
  • The glue was developed by Y-Body to be suitable for all skin types.
  • There are 73 bright, sparkling colours in the range.

The glitter tattoos last for between 3 to 7 days following the care instructions you will be given and depending on your skin type and where you have it. They are water resistant and can be removed with alcohol or an oil based product.

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